Mississippi schools are looking to purchase local foods for their school meal programs. Selling your product to schools can turn into a significant new source of income for your farm.

On average, farms across the country are seeing a 5% increase in farm revenue from school sales, but some are now receiving closer to 50%-60% of their income from schools! The resources here will help you figure out how to sell to schools, but remember, it all starts with a conversation with your local food service director. The Mississippi Farm to School Network is here to help facilitate those relationships, so please reach out if you need assistance. Check out the resources below for information on how to sell to schools. Be sure to sign up to receive our newsletter, and join in on our monthly phone calls and regional meetings to learn more.

Latest News for Mississippi Farms

Meet our new Programs Coordinator: Farm to Early Childcare Specialist, LeBroderick Woods!

Meet our new Programs Coordinator: Farm to Early Childcare Specialist, LeBroderick Woods! LeBroderick is a passionate and energetic native Mississippian from Mound Bayou, a small, rural town in the Mississippi Delta. Growing up in an area where fresh, healthy, and affordable food was scarce, LeBroderick has made it his life’s mission to educate young people in Mississippi on the importance of local, fresh, and healthy produce. As our new Programs Coordinator, LeBroderick will foster connections between schools and farms to create an amicable relationship that enriches the future of Mississippi’s education and agricultural systems. While LeBroderick is hopeful and driven, he also has a realistic grasp on the challenges Mississippi school systems, health care, food systems, and agricultural networks face. This is why he is key to farm to school relations. Read more

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