Meet our new Programs Coordinator: Farm to Early Childcare Specialist, LeBroderick Woods!

Delivering local eggs to the Oxford School District

By MSF2SN Intern Brooklyn Mooney

Meet our new Programs Coordinator: Farm to Early Childcare Specialist, LeBroderick Woods! LeBroderick is a passionate and energetic native Mississippian from Mound Bayou, a small, rural town in the Mississippi Delta. Growing up in an area where fresh, healthy, and affordable food was scarce, LeBroderick has made it his life’s mission to educate young people in Mississippi on the importance of local, fresh, and healthy produce. As our new Programs Coordinator, LeBroderick will foster connections between schools and farms to create an amicable relationship that enriches the future of Mississippi’s education and agricultural systems. While LeBroderick is hopeful and driven, he also has a realistic grasp on the challenges Mississippi school systems, health care, food systems, and agricultural networks face. This is why he is key to farm to school relations.
Although LeBroderick is new to our team, he is no stranger to the complexities of good food scarce regions, farming, and education. After researching the inner workings of food systems and how to best transform them for the overall health of the people and environment, LeBroderick notes that his “interest was turned from a spark to a full effusion of passion.” He went on to teach 6th to 8th grade science in the Jackson Public School District in an effort to give back to the Mississippi education system that raised him. Even though he is now member of the Mississippi Farm to School Network, he has not stopped pushing and educating himself further. As a current student of the Graduate School of Education at Jackson State University, LeBroderick hopes to further his involvement and connections within education, namely the education systems in small, rural, Mississippi communities like the one that raised him to be the activist he is today.
Please help us welcome LeBroderick as our new Programs Coordinator, we know our Network has truly gained an incredible new addition!

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