Recap of our First Farm to School Institute

By MS Farm to School Network Co-Director Sunny Baker: 

I'm feeling incredibly humbled, inspired, and hopeful after our first Mississippi Farm to School Institute this summer. MSF2SN hosted three school districts, Sunflower County Consolidated, Jackson Public Schools, and Biloxi School District in Oxford for two days of learning and action planning for BIG and bold farm to school gardens and local food on cafeteria lines for the 2019-20 school year. Our teams showed up. We connected farm to school to transformative justice and food equity and dove deep into the relationships that make farm to school programs work. I’m in awe of how in just two days our teams came together and gave deep thought to how we can best serve our children and our ancestors. In addition, we took a field trip to Good Food for Oxford Schools and witnessed the incredible progress they have made. Really felt full circle! It’s been such an honor to be on team MSF2SN and a part of it all. There is such a wealth of knowledge, solution-building power, and creativity in Mississippi, and I really do believe that soon we will become a model farm to school program for the rest of the country.

Huge thanks to our photographer Lo Magee!

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