Trigg Elementary Breaks Ground on School Garden

On Tuesday, December 8th, Trigg Elementary School and the Delta Health Alliance hosted over 100 adult volunteers, fifth graders, and school staff to break ground at the Trigg Elementary school garden in Greenville, MS. For two hours the group planted landscaping plants, spread crushed concrete for an outdoor classroom space, planted a small winter vegetable and herb bed, and installed four raised-beds with a river-rock mulching. DHA has been instrumental in assisting with the planning, development and maintenance of a wide network of School and Community Gardens across rural communities in the Delta. The DHA Healthy Living project promotes school gardens and offers support to develop garden infrastructure and to facilitate the use of the 5th Grade School Garden Curriculum, which was created by DHA and other partners specifically for Mississippi’s growing season and aligned to state standards. Current partners include Trigg Elementary with the Greenville Public School District in Washington County, MS, and the McEvans School with the West Bolivar County Consolidated School District in Bolivar County, MS. Since September 2015 the DHA garden project coordinator has assembled and met with school garden teams to design and install the gardens. In 2016 DHA will provide weekly supervision of garden planting and instruction to over 110 fifth grade students at the two schools during the spring, summer, and fall growing seasons. DHA regularly assess the performance of our programs on the basis of objective data that is produced and recorded as part of these projects, and entered and analyzed using the Efforts to Outcomes software case management system.

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